This. . . I need This.

I found this gif while I was mining erotica. 

Her face. 

I know the feeling 

that is expressed on her face. 

God I love that first touch. 

He slides deep in one push. 

Whether its my pussy

or my ass. 

It belongs to him and 

is Always welcome. 

I can hear her moan

as he covers her.

This. . . 

This makes me wet

and need Masters touch

His body over me



“ Words are powerful things.
They can break hearts
&  get panties wet.”

Michael Faudet

I often wake

in the middle

of the night

with a



ache. . .

I crave this sweet


of limbs


your soul


is connected 

to mine.

I ache for you

My Soul 


for you.


True Service

My orgasm is no longer mine.
It belongs to someone. He will choose when and how or if I come at all.

I have given up that control in my life. It is part of my dedication and commitment to my Master. I ask his permission to come. He will either grant it or deny it.

At times he will give me a directive. To be ready and clean. That I'm his for the taking. That he owns me. My moans, my sighs. My tears of pure happiness are his.

Why would I do this you ask.. 

Ultimately this control... It's His. He owns the right to the center of what is sacred. My sexual being. My cunt is his. My body is his.

This allows me to have that bit of control for several reasons. I am submissive. I am his slave. I desire to be found pleasing. I desire to please. I am owned. I am committed. I am collared. I am loved. I am his slave. Master calls me "Mine".

My desires, my pleasure, my thoughts he has the right to all of it. All of me nothing less than that will do. 

My orgasms and pleasure belonging to my Master. This allows me some control in my life. I control my own body. I do not give in to this darkness that swirls in my stomach. The depraved slut that needs to be fed and fucked regularly. That the actual release when I am granted one is intense and complete. It is not just a simple tension release. Its an earth shattering mind blowing moment. The tenderness and the love.

Being his slave and my need to please him is a driving desire.

Knowing that to please him without receiving pleasure is the ultimate gift a submissive can give.

True Service. And in service of Him.

My pleasure is solely his to choose or deny.


Something More

people talk of soul mates 
of other halves 
with you those words 
dont seem to apply 

i always felt 
i was missing someone 
thats true 
that my life 
didnt have 
the fullness 
i imagined 
it to be.

but with you. . . 
its the moments 
that you just know me. 
im a continuation of you


Date Night

Oh the anticipation has been strong for both of us. 
Miscommunication and being busy
Have left us both wanting. 
Both aching for each other. 
I miss his words. 
I miss being sexual for him with him. 
We agreed on a "date night"

Oh his words. ...
"Suck my cock, my beloved slave" 
whispered directive.
So firm in my hand.
My tongue darts out tasting him. I worship his cock with my mouth. Master closes his eyes lost in the feeling. Hands buried in my curls the sound and sensation pleasing him. I suddenly feel his eyes on me. I look up. peeking at him through my bangs. My light blue eyes meet his intense stare. 

Im on my back my hands above my head griping the headboard post where he put them. my hips lifted and my right leg and foot is on his left shoulder. My left leg around his right hip. Masters hard cock sliding deep in. Stretching my tight grasping pussy. God how i love him. His Mastory over me. His control. His cock.

Hitting that elusive gspot over and over. Im arching and writhing against him. He pinches my nipples pulling on them making me moan. How he plays my body like a Master violinist. 
I cum. I cum so hard. squirting all around him. 
My tight pussy clenching down on his cock. He kisses me and holds still riding the wave of pleasure. 

I know . . . He will mark me. Cum inside and on me reminding me that he owns me. That my pussy is his to take and use. 

He cums in me and pulls out spraying his cum on my cunt my pussy my thighs. . . Marking me. 

I am addicted to him. Addicted to his cock. Addicted to his cum. 
I am my Masters little cum slut and i CRAVE him so. 

God I love him and Im insanely lucky to be his devoted slave. 


Follow You

"Good Night my Beloved Master"  

"Good Night Mine. "

"I love you my Master sleep well"

"I love you more than words
I will love you until 
I am no longer of this earth
And then I’ll go on 
loving you in the 
next incarnation
And needing you" 

At this point, I start to savagely leak 
from my eyes. 
I whisper choked up 
" I love you the same way my Master"
I sniffle and wipe my leaking eyes. 

"I will follow you through the stars 
and back again my Master,  
for we are bound"

"We ARE bound 
for eternity and a day".

"Meet you on your pillow, 
my Master."


Savory Words

Savory Words

My heart has tasted heartache
My lips have muttered blame
My hands have felt sorrow
My feet have walked in shame

I've sipped on human kindness
and been spoon fed many lies
I've been given the cold shoulder
and been touched until I cried

I've bitten off way more
than I could possibly chew
I've swallowed all my pride.
and bridges, I've burned a few

I've dined on cold revenge
and savored loves kiss so sweet
I've choked on bitter pills
and  been cut so very deep

I've had to go find myself
when I've been truly lost
I've learned what trust is again
and what it really costs

My Hearts full of happiness
My Soul is singing lightly
My Lips speak of devotion
My Future shines so brightly

© ryoko 2018


Lost in the Desert

The truth is
I have loved before.

I used to think 
Love was
the sun kissing 
the flowers awake
the lingering dew 
on a spring morning 
after the rain

I read about passion 
that consumes

I yeared for that
I thought maybe 
I was just not meant to love.

I finally understand.

that consumes
that brightens my dark nights
that chases away shadows

thinking about you
hearing your voice
hearing my phone chirp
seeing your words
Your touch

I ache. 

I physically ache 
for your touch. 
I long 
for your voice. 
I crave 
your words. 

I am drawn to you. 

It is as if the oceans 
stand still
and the moon 
has disappeared. 
She longs 
for the pull 
of her moon. 
Her Gravity. 

Our lives are very tangled. 
And I, 
I am just a girl 
lost in the desert
who dreams of you. 

It just is, 
always was, 
and forever will be.


Masters Directive

 I ended up taking a hot shower.

Letting the hot water run down my body. feeling it pulse against my neck. Feeling the tingles of my body recalling your directive before logging off. I try to focus and think of other things to push that to the back of my mind and wait... wait till I'm in bed.

but who am I kidding? I logged off earlier than normal because I want to please you. to follow through with your directive...

I wash my hair slowly and rub my scalp and shoulders. running my fingers through feeling the suds slide down over my chest. trailing down my belly lingering in my belly button.

I rinse my hair and repeat with conditioner the fragrant smell soothes me. Scrubbing my face with my apricot scrub. the rough texture turning my skin pink and soft.

I detach the shower head and turn around so my back is to the front of the bathtub stall. I bend over and aim the stream at my pussy and ass as I bend over. feeling the hot water tickle my clit forcing my pussy lips open dripping down my thighs trickling over my ass. I tingle. but wanting to be clean and slightly aroused before I play.  I can't help but touch myself lightly and gently as I wash. Pulling my pussy lips taunt I shave clean. inspecting with my hands making sure I haven't missed anything I rinse anticipation rises I close my eyes standing there feeling connected with my sexuality.

I turn the hot water off and wring my hair out. stepping out the shower dripping onto my gray mat. I turn to my sink and follow my ritual of taking my contacts out for the night. rinsing my eyes. Grabbing my purple and white toothbrush I brush my teeth losing my thoughts as I rerun the conversations through my head. Rinsing my mouth out I take my normal swig of Listerine.  The cool mint always a comfort in my nightly ritual.  I put my carmex on my lips the last step of my nightly ritual and towel dry my hair. My body is dry but this point and the bathmat is soaked.

I climb into bed. rolling to my left side. feeling your words wrap around me. my hands trace down my side across my thighs. I touch myself. spreading my legs for better access. feeling my smooth freshly shaved pussy. feeling the heat radiating off of my pussy.. . . I'm a needy slave for you my Master. You have seduced my mind with your words and my body follows. willingly. wantonly.

Thoughts on our discussion. Your description of your desire to stretch my tight pussy. To finger me. I spread my lips and tease my clit sliding one finger then two... .inside me. Adding a third finger and then my pinkie. . . I rub my clit with my thumb. Teasing myself shallow touches curling my fingers up to touch the top inside of my pussy. Clenching down I shiver. my left hand cradling my right breast across my chest I pinch my nipple and moan. biting my lip as I realize I'm getting a bit loud.

I take my pink toy out from under my pillow it's heavy and smooth. sliding it deep into my hungry tight pussy. grasping the toy. Those first tingling sensations of orgasm rise.

I slowly start to fuck myself. the soft pull of resistance of how tight I am. how small my pussy is. I feel my wetness surrender and surround the toy. easing its passage back in.

picking up speed I start to close my eyes and think of your words 

I come blindingly unexpectedly it overwhelms me intensively no gradual build up no warning no begging or pleading or needs. . . just dark chocolate desire washes over me as I cum. . . .  my right hands a mess. my thighs coated. the toy deep inside me and my cunt rhythmically milks the toy. oh to be flesh between my thighs. to be covered and surrounded by you and not just your words that have seduced me so quickly.

Softly I whisper "thank you . . . Thank you Master" and I slap my pussy the toy still deep inside of me. my hand messy and slippery my cunt coated, I slap my pussy two more times sharp stinging slaps. crying out a lil bit.  biting my lip I sigh softly. whispering Thank you, my Master. . . I close my eyes.

I fell asleep with the toy deep inside me. dirty and messy I woke up a few hours later rolling to my side I took my toy out and set it next to my pillow. I fell back asleep with a smile on my lips and naughty dreams teasing me. 



8 Minutes

 Master in my ear. 
"Get your Hitachi.
Sit on it. 
Turn it on. 
Ignore everyone Chatting in your ear.
It's time to cum for me. 
I'm timing you. 
Ride that Hitachi between your legs. 
Grind on it. Focus.
Think of my hands. 
On you. 
Fucking that Cunt 
that belongs to Me." 

Losing myself in his words. 
Grinding down on my chair. 
Back and Forth Side to Side.
I came and I came and I came. 
I couldn't even reach the Hitachi. 
I was cumming too much. 
to Intense. 
Couldn't reach it to turn it off. 
scooted forward and let it drop
to the floor from the edge of my chair. 
my cunt. his cunt. 
spasming. twitching. Soaking my chair. 

reaching down I grab 
the dancing hitachi. 

"Good Girl. 
8 minutes. 
I'm impressed. 
Thank you, Mine. 
you may go wash up. 
then back to me. "

"Yes, my Master. 
Thank you, my Master."