True Service

My orgasm is no longer mine. 
It belongs to someone. He will choose when and how or if I come at all.

I have given up that control in my life. It is part of my dedication and commitment to my Master. I ask his permission to come. He will either grant it or deny it. 

At times he will give me a directive. To be ready and clean. That I'm his for the taking. That he owns me. My moans, my sighs. My tears of pure happiness are his. 

Why would I do this you ask.. 
Ultimately  this control. .  Its His. He owns the right to the center of what is sacred. My sexual being. My cunt is his. My womb is his. 

It's all mental really. It allows me to have that bit of control for several reasons.  I am submissive. I desire to be found pleasing.  I desire to please. I am owned.  I am commited. I am collared. I am loved. I am his submissive I am his baby girl. 

My desires, my pleasure, my thoughts he has the right to all of it. All of me nothing less than that will do.  
My orgasms and pleasure belonging to someone else. This allows me some control in my life. I control my own body. I do not give in to this darkness that swirls in my stomach. The depraved slut that needs to be fed and fucked regularly. That the actual release when I am granted one is intense and complete. It is not just a simple tension release. Its an earth shattering mind blowing moment. He asks me afterwards always " are you ok baby girl?" The tenderness and the love. 

Being a submissive and the desire to be pleasing and to make Him Happy is a driving desire. 

Knowing that to please him without receiving pleasure is the ultimate gift a submissive can give.

 True Service. And in service of Him. 

My pleasure is solely his to choose or deny. 



The meaning of the word
 changed when he met her. 
Everything changed 
when he met her. 
He knew that he would strip 
this beautiful creature, 
his beautiful creature, 
down to her very soul. 
He would make her raw, 
and rub it in. 
He would hurt her, badly. 
He would imprint himself 
upon her so fully 
and completely 
that no man again 
would rule her just so. 
He knew that he would rebuild 
her in his image, 
stronger, brighter, 
bolder, more free. 
He knew that she
would take every inch, 
pound for pound, 
she would answer him 
with her flesh, and bones. 

He knew. 
she was His.


Bitter Sweet Love

To slap you,
Is to touch you. 
Scream for mercy, 
Beg for more. 

To bite you, 
Is to kiss you.
Tied and Tethered,
On the floor.

To loath you,
Is to love you. 
Pretty princess.
Dirty whore.

- Michael Faudet


His Control

His control

Any Man can grab a girl by the hair throw her on the bed rip her clothes off. He might tie her up. Call her "Bitch" or "Slut" maybe even "Whore" and have rough sex with her.  But that is not dominance.  That is just rough sex in my humble opinion. 

Don't get me wrong there is a time and place for that too. . . maybe even spankings and that hurt so good sex.  That type of rough sex i might even call it violent sex. If the girl is into it , it can be fun.  But that's not still true Dominance. 

His control over me is true dominance. Its when he whispers softly in my ear.  He sits in his chair and observes me methodically remove each piece of clothing. One piece at a time.  He watches as I slowly kneel in front of him. Offering my whole self  to him. I willingly without hesitation or reservation do this. Not because he demands it but because my desire to please him is greater than any moment of fear, any doubt or any shyness. My drive to please to be found pleasing leaves no room for shame or embarrassment

It is then and only then . . . That He knows as I know. There is nothing that makes me happier than making him happy. 

I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My Choices my heartbreaks, my regrets, Everything. And when we are together, my Past seems worth it.  Because if I had done one thing differently I might not be here at your feet today. 

He found me when I was lost. 

He doesn't bully me he treasures me.
He doesn't  hurt me he protects me. 
He doesn't belittle me he respects me.
He doesn't humiliate me. he takes care of me.
He doesn't try to change me he guides me. 

He didn't demand my submission, 
but he has it completely. 




it was all she could do

to cling to his hand as he held her

spread open underneath him

as he eased himself slowly

into her

her eyes transfixed on his face

she watched him

watching himself


into the welcoming warmth 

of her body



My Pussy Has a Big Crush 
on Your Cock
My pussy is madly in love with your cock. She is wet just thinking about him. She weeps with anticipation. My pussy is obsessed with your cock. She thinks about being filled by you night and day. 

My pussy remembers how hard and firm you feel. She remembers you for hours afterwards. She pulses and drips with wetness in memory of you several times a day. 

My Pussy loves your cock with the intensity of a 7th grade school girl crush. She writes your name inside all her books. and  has a picture of you hidden in her locker. She hopes you will come to her pool party this summer. Just to say hi she is wet and wanting. Determined to grasp you. She puts on a show for you. wetting the panties. Swelling with her desire for you. Scenting the air with her need. 

She will do anything for you. To get you back inside her where she knows you belong.

My pussy . . . she wants to own your cock. No other cock will do. She needs to have you fill her daily. She wants your cum deep inside her. Sliding and leaking cum to remind her of how much she belongs to your cock as your cock belongs to her. 
My Pussy.  . she invented positions just so you can penetrate her deeper. She grows slick and swollen just for you. Nothing makes her want to explode more than you deep inside her. Filling her. Anointing her with your cum. 
My pussy is addicted to your thick cock. She wants your cum. Just thinking of you. She loves the way that your fingers tease her. Spreading her open. Stroking her inside. 

She loves the strength of your hands touching her teasing her clit. She wants to cum at the exact same time as you. She loves the feeling of your thick hot cock stretching her. filling her. Cuddling deep inside her. Nuzzling up to her cervix.  Pressing and stretching. Seated so deeply in her. 

Most of all, my pussy loves to squirt. to Surround your thick hard cock with her sweet juice. She loves the feeling of your cock cumming and painting her cervix, her pussy walls, her clit. Marking her. OWNING HER. 
Knowing that she has done a very good job. Knowing that she has pleased her Daddy. and Her Daddy's cock. . . has marked her.

My Pussy. . . she loves seeing and feeling your cocks cum dripping out of her. Seeing your seed dribbling and sliding down her thighs.
My pussy loves your cock. She worships him. She wiggles to get your attention. She is completely devoted to your cock and your cocks desires and needs. She always is wet and ready for you. 
Even in the middle of the night, When your cock wakes her up in the middle of the night. as you are sliding deep inside her. Making her yawn and stretch and grasp your cock before she is even awake. 
My pussy . . . she loves your cock. She lives to service you and your cock alone. 





Whether you know it or not, 
my nights
belong to you.
I no longer sleep
my nights are full of dreams 
of all the ways to please you
do not be too surprised 
if you wake up constantly 
wanting. . . 
because my nights bleed 
with my wanting 
of you


Silent Service

Service is something that we, as submissives, may take for granted, but it has many forms. The ways that I care for him will range from simple domesticity to intense sexual submission.

Showering with him, taking the time to wash him and show him my care and desire for him.  To setting out his fresh pressed shirt for work the next morning. Many don't see this as service. That its pretty standard in a relationship. But to someone who knows her heart and core are submissive, there is a small voice,  a sweet smile that crosses her lips as she does these things and might whisper his name, or Master, Daddy, Sir, Bear what ever it is she calls him.  

I do these things without thinking twice about them, and it doesn't even really feel like service. It just makes me happy to make his life a little easier.

I consider this part of my silent service. Silent service is not kneeling in front of him but beside him.   As a submissive, I strives to care for my Sir in a way that does not call attention to me.

That isn't to say that my relationship will ever be one-sided.  He gives me everything I need, and most of the things I want. He is always there for me, and I usually don’t even have to tell him what I’m thinking. He just knows. He takes very good care of me, and I want to do the same. It is always my goal to anticipate his wishes, rather than solely respond to his commands.

Simple silent service. As he works at home I kneel next to him sit on the floor silent reading my eBook. Leaning against his leg. If its been awhile since he has eaten or had a drink Ill check and see. Freshen up his glass of water or bring him something else. I might make him lunch. Then take my place at his side at his feet. This is me being attentive to his needs. His hand may occasionally caress me or tangle in my hair. I resist the urge to crawl between his legs and attempt to distract him. 

I know that in time, he will focus  his attention on me.  He loves and  protects me. Serving him is my greatest pleasure, and his happiness is my reward.



I shiver at simple words typed to me. 
As if they were whispered in my ear. 

My mind keenly is focused 

on the thought of hands. 
of Your Hands. 
Your hands in my hair. 
Your hands gliding down my arms. 
Your hands lifting my hands above my head. 
You growl.
One simple word. 

I imagine my mouth 
close to your ear 
as you hold my hands above me. 
I nip your ear lobe. 
butterfly kisses on your neck.
my pulse races at your responding shiver. 
I whisper 
one simple word. 

I feel your body tighten. 
Your nipples brushing mine. 
Equal responses. 
Taunt and peeked. 

Where I grow softer and wet. 
You are hard and firm. 
Rhythm becomes our pulse. 
our pulse becomes our rhythm

You growl. 
I whisper. 
yes Daddy. 



I don't need my dignity with you.
My only pride is 
that I'm at your feet. 
Between your legs. 

My joy, my pleasure 
is surprising you. 
Pleasing you. 
Showing you how much 
you mean to me. 

My greatest desire
Is to be found pleasing.
To make you proud
that I am at your feet. 
in your lap.

I confess I am a bit naughty. 
And I am a bit selfish.
I want your cum. 
 And worship your cock. 

I'm only interested 
in being your 
dirty little whore. 



I'm Easy to be with, 
yet hard to understand. 
I'm an open book 
just in a language you don't understand. 
My heart is not captured easily. 
I am disinterested in small talk, 
I do not seek love
But i would love some affection
maybe I'm too focused 
to give all of my attention 
But if we make that connection, 
if you find your way into my heart, 
God, I will fall for you 
like gravity 
has let go of the earth.


Needs vs. Wants

I want somebody 
with a sharp intellect 
and a heart from hell
somebody with 
eyes like star fire
and a mouth with a kiss
like a bottomless well
but mostly
I just want someone
who will love me. 
when I do not
know how to love myself

I WANT to serve you.
I NEED to know
you will make it happen 
if it is your will.

I WANT to have sex
all the time.
I NEED to know you
feel my body is yours
for the taking.

I WANT you to go
easy on me.
I NEED you to be
more strict.

I WANT to throw out
all the unwritten rules.
I NEED so badly
for you to be stern
when you enforce them.

I WANT you to back down
when you've made
tears well up.
I NEED you to never
never ever back down.

I WANT to hide
any tears from you.
I NEED you to be strong
enough to face my tears
and push on through.

I WANT to bat my eyelashes
or unzip your pants
and have you forget
my bad behavior.
I NEED you to
hold me accountable.
(then take off your pants)


1AM Confession

I can't sleep. It's 130 in the morning and I just can't sleep. Soooooo I decided to masturbate. I thought that might help me sleep. 

So I'm a little bit of a perv, a little bit of a naughty girl kid. 

I have a confession to make... 
I'm addicted to cum. 

I love the thought of a man cumming inside me. I miss that feeling of a cock buried deep inside my cunt.  Cumming and cumming filling my tight cunt with cum.  

The whole fantasy of  " I'm going to make you pregnant"   "take my seed bitch you're my breeding slut...  I'm going to fill your belly and your tits full of milk".  

I technically can't get pregnant. I'll never be a mother,  maybe that's what fuels my fantasies maybe that's what makes me hot. 

While I was playing with my dildo thrusting in and out of my tight cunt.  I kept saying "yes Daddy!"  "thank you Daddy"   "Cum in me Daddy please! " I was so hot, I came and came . Does that make me a really bad girl?  Does that make me a dirty girl?  God I want.... I need cum fantasizing about it. Deep Inside.



Watching the clock closely
I wait 

maybe not so patiently...
I hear you at the door
Your keys rattle

I quickly kneel 
My hair down my back
and wild

I'm sitting on my cushion 
Next to your chair. 

you step in the house 
"Hi baby,"
your smile slips 
across your face 
in pleasure
seeing me 
awaiting you. 

A cold drink 
on the table 
next to your chair
I'm in your shirt 
from yesterday. 
you know 
I'm not 
wearing panties

"Hi Daddy welcome home"

You set your keys down 
and slip your shoes off 
walking over to me
you lean down 
as I stretch up 
and kiss your lips 
your hand on my chin
you sit in your chair 

I take my place 
between your legs
my head on your thigh
you stroke my hair 
as I nuzzle your cock 
through your pants

"Have you been 
a good girl baby? "

"Always Daddy."

you ask me about 
what I did today. 
I list off my chores 
and whats for dinner

you tell me 
"ok baby you may proceed" 

I look up with 
a sweet smile 
"Thank you Daddy"